Dog Training is More Than Tricks

Intimacy is like a plant. It may bloom and thrive given the right nutrition. But should we get complacent, it will shrivel. That doesn’t mean you never had intimacy, but it also doesn’t mean we’ll continue have it in the midst of complacency.

While I love training tricks (if you haven’t seen my instagram reel with Etsu putting her toys away yet), training is so much more than tricks and often requires consistency to maintain a healthy state of mind in the midst of distractions.

Consistency is Key

Imagine a nutritionist working with you to create a customized game plan to help set you up for a successful lifestyle with your diet. You are able to be consistent for the first two weeks, then on the third week are unable to stay consistent with the game plan that you need. Would you feel the same and feel as healthy as the previous weeks? Probably not.

The same with a fitness trainer. If you continue to collaborate and partner with your fitness trainer, you are more than likely to see results. However, the moment you stop working out, you are likely to stop seeing results.

This is the Same With Dog Training

Dog training isn't a once in a while event nor a session you are able to check in and check out of. Dog training is a relationship building lifestyle where you and your dog can learn to be in tune with each other to create a healthier rhythm between you, your family and your dog. This means dog training continues even after your session with a dog trainer.


The following lists are just some of the lessons and benefits of dog training.

Dog Training Teaches Humans

- how to learn more about their dog

- how to communicate effectively (includes active listening and appropriate response) to their dog

- how to build a mutual relationship consisting of fairness and boundaries with our best friend

- what our dog can or cannot handle and how to manage or build tolerance / confidence from there if needed

- how to advocate for our dog

- that an excited dog does not equal a happy dog (imagine having a mind that hardly feels relaxed)

- how to nurture confidence and healthy separation (imagine the anxiety and panic that can come with constantly being co-dependent with your partner, friend or loved ones)

- how much our dogs thrive off leadership; leadership is love

- how to enjoy more of our life with our dog outside of our home (adventures, coffee shops, hikes, outdoor malls or what both you & your dog like)


Dog Training Teaches Our Dogs

- how to trust their human in general

- that they can trust humans to lead them and help them achieve the best life possible

- they are safe and feel advocated for

- how to relax and live a life of peace and security instead of frustration or anxiety (excitement also turns into anxiety)

- that they can have a truly balanced life

- how to problem solve

- how to work through or manage stress

- how to build confidence (real confidence is subtle not loud) and have clarity in communication

- how to co-exist calmly and with neutrality towards other dogs, humans, objects, sounds, animals and environments


I’m not saying that the standard for all dogs is to be perfect with everything and everyone, or for them to love going out to all the places their humans enjoy. Instead, I am saying dog training will teach dog owners how to listen to their dog, communicate effectively, how to adjust as needed to for effective training sessions outside of trainer session, how to be effective leaders, and how to make better decisions that set everyone up for success.


Etsu & Me

Creating clarity, confidence and developing effective communication with the dog in front of you, one day at a time. Eat, train and play with Etsu & Me. 

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